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How to be a male fitness model – The steps to success by Male fitness model Ryan John-Baptiste

  1. Being a Male fitness model takes a lot of dedication and time. When I mean time, I mean the hours in the gym working up a sweat and thrown Iron around the gym. A male fitness model has to keep in shape all year round, although you might find some fitness models will let themselves go, a bit like a bodybuilder does in his off season. I believe a top male fitness model should always keep in shape all year round. When I mean keeping in shape, I mean you should look lean (around 10-12% BF) at least.  This way you are ready for those last minute calls up at anytime.
  2. So other then hard work in the gym, you need to be following a fitness model diet – I don’t really like the word diet, so that’s say a healthy food plan that will complement your training. People ask me do I ever have cheat meals? Hell yeah! I sometimes have cheat days but only once in a blue moon. Remember you have to be real to yourself now and again, If you feel to have a cheat meal then go for it, but make sure 80 – 90% of what you are eating is good wholesome food.
  3. Get some good decent pictures done, do your research into the top photographers in the fitness world although they will probably be quite expensive.This could be very beneficial in the long run as the top photographers usually shoot and sell their photos to the top magazines in the fitness industry, next thing you know the photographer rings you up and gives you some good news and tells you that you have made the cover of a major magazine. That will defiantly increase your popularity as a male fitness model.

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4. Entering competitions is always a good way to gain some exposure. Their are many fitness modelling organisations these days, all around the world. Do your research, find maybe one close to where you live and start from there. I would always recommend starting at the smaller competitions first then building your way up the ranks. This way, you will gain stage experience, confidence and defiantly how to get your body to peak for the competition in question.




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